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Our Security Workshops and Events

Join us in one of our Events.

The Understanding Zero Trust Security

Zero Trust is a security concept based on the idea that organizations must verify anything before it can be part of the network communication.  So, the strategy around Zero Trust boils down to – don’t trust anyone. This workshop teaches participant to understand what Zero Security is and how to implement it.

Security Workshop: SDLC Threat Modelling

In this workshop our expert will take you through the basic questions involved in Threat Modeling. You will learn about the main ideas behind threat modelling and how to bring security and software development together in the SDLC and to collaborate on a shared understanding and development of the system.

Security Workshop: Practical Guide To Cloud Security And Migration

In this workshop our cloud security expert will be taking you through the building blocks of Cloud security. Where do you start? What to be bewared of, and what you need do right to have a successful secure cloud migration for your organization.

Understanding Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Data Loss is one of the biggest security challenges faced by companies today. This pose significant risks to the organization. This one day program focuses on how organisation can use DLP systems to leverage security to protect their data in use and in transi.

CyberSecurity Friday COMING SOON

The Cybersecurity Friday is a weekly information security event that features top security professional who are willing to share their knowledge with the security community. It is an opportunity to learn from experience speakers from various areas within the cybersecurity arena.