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Understanding Zero Trust Security (ZTS)


Understanding Zero Trust Security (ZTS)






All training runs from 9:00 to 16:30 every day.

About the Zero Trust Security (ZTS) Course

This 2-day intense course focuses on this new way of thinking about network security. Learn about the fundamentals of Zero Trust Security and how to start with its implementation in your company. During the training you will learn the following:

  • Introduction to Zero Trust Security
  • Zero Trust vs traditional perimeter security?
  • Why do we need Zero Trust Security?
  • Why is the Zero Trust Model Important?
  • Understanding micro Segmentation
  • Implementing a perimeterless Design
  • Identity management for Zero Trust Security
  • The Pillars of Zero Trust Security
  • Device Trust
  • User Trust
  • The five steps to a Zero Trust network
  • How to architect a Zero Trust network
  • A look at some vendor implementation of Zero Trust Security Model
  • Zero Trust Security in the Cloud using  Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)

At the end of this course all participants will understand what Zero Security is and able to determine if it will be useful for their company and how to get started with it.

Target Audience

This training course is intended for professionals who would like to keep up to date with the new technology and apply them in real life environment.

  • CISO’s
  • Security Risk Managers
  • Security Engineers
  • Information Security Managers.
  • Information Security Directors.
  • All other security professionals who want to be kept up to date.