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The Zero Trust Security (ZTS) Workshop

About The Zero Trust Security (ZTS) workshop

The Zero Trust Security workshop is design to provide a strong introduction of Zerto Trust Security to the participants. It is about the new way of a holistic focus on security. The participants will learn about the fundamentals of Zero Trust Security and why it is better than perimeter security in defending the organisation against the effect of phishing, ransomware, and other modern form of cyber-attack. During the workshop you will learn the following:

  • Introduction based on a real-life case study to Zero Trust Security (ZTS)
  • Zero Trust vs traditional perimeter security?
  • Why do we need Zero Trust Security?
  • Components of Zero Trust Security
  • Understand the true meaning of the Zero Trust security framework.
  • Determine how to apply security best practices represented in the latest Zero Trust framework to your organization.
  • Understand how to assess your existing security capabilities and map out a plan for improving your organization’s security practice.
  • Understand security best practices for all areas of your business (cloud, endpoint, and network)
  • A look at a vendor perspective of Zero Trust Security Model
  • Get a quick look at Zero Trust Security in the Cloud using 

At the end of this workshop participants will understand what Zero Security is and get more resources to learn and research about it further.

Who Should Attend

The workshop is designed for system, network and cloud professionals who would like to know more about Zero Trust Security. This includes but not limited to Network Architects, Network professionals, Cloud Engineers, Software Developers and Systems administrators, and Cybersecurity/ Information Security professionals.

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