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The Mastering Program is Created for Mastering

We help you master specific area in Information Security and
provide you the skills and tools you need to archive your goals and become a master in your chosen field.

  • 1 x Master Class per subject area
  • 20 Webinars per year on selected information Security topics
  • 4 x One-day live security events per year
  • 1 x Yearly information security event
  • Several Continue Education Events
  • Certificate of completion is awarded at the end of every session for your CPE

What is in a Master Class Program

Master class programs are practical specialization program based on real world scenarios and examples.  

When you take part in the Master Class you will be able to master a giving area of information security within a very short time and become a master in that field. Our Master Class programs are hands-on. We strive to bring different scenarios of real life workshop to the students during the training period.

3-5 days Mastering Classes

Each Master Class training runs from between 3-5 days. The program is continued through our continued education program Master Class students can participate in our conintued education program throught the entire year.

Weekly Webinar

Participate in a weekly Webinar program as part of your Mastering program. Get up to date information in your area of learning. 

Mastering Labs

Get involved with other students who are professionals in their fields through our online portal and interact with the instructors and other students. You can take part of our students portal as long as you are part of our Mastering program. 

Quarterly One day Workshop

Once every quarter we organise an information security event for all Masterclass participants in the various Master Class subjects.

Yearly Security Event

Once a year we have a yearly information security events where we invite Infosec professionals around the world to present workshops and deliver demonstrations on the latest development in the information Security world.

Online Continue Education Program

Be a part of our continue education program by participating on the various online program.

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