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Risk Management Bootcamp


The third era (client/server networks) arose as technological complexity increased, costs decreased, and the end-user (now the ordinary employee) required a system to share information with other employees within an enterprise. Computers on a common network shared information on a server. This lets thousands and even millions of people access data simultaneously on networks referred to as Intranets. The fourth era (enterprise computing) enabled by high speed networks, consolidated the original department specific software applications into integrated software platforms referred to as enterprise software. This new platform tied all aspects of the business enterprise together offering rich information access encompassing the complete management structure.

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Master Class on Risk Management

The Continuous Education Program is a monthly recurring program that covers different topics each month. These programs are usually run for one day. A student who visits our training program once a month has completed 12 important information security training courses in 12 subjects in one year that they need to do their job effectively.

The training is highly concentrated with a high intensity. Students are expected to complete case studies based on real life scenarios. We have developed real-life scenarios that are tailored to large companies, institutions, government agencies and medium-sized companies. We offer hands-on learning to help you learn in a practical way. Students receive self-developed training materials with additional reading material to add to a possible learning experience. Students can choose to attend a one-day monthly program or choose to follow multiple programs throughout the year. Below you will find some of the topics where we offer the continuing education programme:

  • Corporate Information Security Governance
  • Building Information Security Framework
  • Information Security Risk Management
  • Disaster Recovering Programs
  • Incident Response Program
  • Securing mobile devices
  • Application Security
  • Biometrics
  • Data Leak Prevention
  • Disk and File Level Encryption Solutions
  • Forensic Analysis

Each participant will receive a monthly GOODIE KIT that will contain the training materials for that month, reference materials, templates and case studies. It also gives them access to our website with private membership only, where they can communicate with other members of the Security Update group.


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