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The mastering program helps organization’s build a workforce capable of meeting their cybersecurity needs and to solve the challenges associated with traditional form of information security training program.

We give opportunity to students who want to go from zero to experts on a given subject in a short period of time.

The Mastering program is a combination of different elements of training to create great value to students and employers.

What You Get With The Mastering Program

The Master Classes are the main part of the Mastering program. The are based on  specific information security domain. We concentrate on the skills and tools  you need  to master the subject. The Mastering program has the following components:

  • A Master class per subject area
  • 50 security webinars per year
  • 4 x One-day live security event per year
  • 1 x Yearly information security event
  • Online Information Security portal for students to share knowledge
  • Knowledge tracker and certificate of completion awarded to students at the end of every session for your CPE



Hands-on Training

All our information security training are hands-on. At the end of the training program students should be ready to implement the knowledge gained by next Monday morning.

No Redundancy

We provide per course an in-dept training on a specific subjects, such as Risk Management or Threat modelling to provides deep insight and practicality to the students.

Instructors From The Field

Our instructors are professionals working in the field with lots of practical experience in information security which they are willing to share with the security community.

Pre-Enrollment Evaluation

Before each training students take an online pre-evaluation survey so we can help them concentrate on the skills and knowledge areas they need additional training.

Deep Learning

Our in-dept training on specific subjects are designed to provide the students with practical skill set they need for their daily job activities, so they are directly effective.

The Master Classes

We take students from start to expert on a given subject in a short time through the Master classes. A class concentrates on teaching real world practical skills.

About Our Online

The majority of our programs are based on Online classrooms. These classrooms provide the students lots of advantages than a traditional classroom to deliver efficient and effective results. Intellfence provide the following advantages:

  • Flexible and convenient way of learning to fit your work schedule.
  • Better interaction with all participants through our social learning portal.
  • We offer lots of different training program to choose from.
  • Easier to share training resources and research online through the portal.
  • Through our online portal we can provide you innovative ways of interactions with the training, teachers and other students.


To remove training redundancy we use the NICE Framework from the NIST. Based on the Framework we divided our training programs into several security domains you can master such as the following:

  • Information Security Management
  • Cloud Security
  • Operating Systems Security
  • Network Security
  • Defending the network (Pen testing and Hacking)
  • Data Security
  • IoT-Security
  • Mobile Security
  • Internet Security
  • Forensics


Information Security for Everyone

This course covers how organizations should protect assets, guide, evaluate, and manage information security programs.

This course will help you to understand information security within your organizations.

It covers the basic of information security and what the individual needs to do to protect themselves and their organisation.

Designing and Implementing Anti Ransomware Protection

Ransomware is becoming a huge problem for organisation today. It is the fastest growing cybercrime today.  Therefore, it is important to train everyone in the organisation to fight against ransomeware.

In this course we will look at fighting ransomware from the overal business perspective in fighting ransomware.

Introduction To Threat Modelling

The purpose of threat modeling is to provide systematic analysis of what controls or defenses need to be included to defend a giving system against potential attack, the probable attacker’s profile, the most likely attack vectors, and the assets most desired by an attacker.

The course provides you the knowledge you need to threat model your information systems during your SDLC.

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