Building the future together through
Cybersecurity skills

Who We Are


For businesses and entrepreneurs that are worried about information security, we provide information security training. Intellfence is an educational firm that assists people in developing their information security abilities at a low cost. Our training programs, as opposed to traditional institutions, are efficient since they are created without redundancies. This shortens the time it takes to learn the necessary abilities and swiftly moves pupils from beginner to expert mastery.

Our Beliefs


More Effective Training

We believe that spending more time teaching students how to use knowledge realistically will make information security training more successful. 


Less Redundancy In Training

People waste too much time in class repeating what they already know rather than delving deeper into the subject.


Subject Mastery

Students benefit more from focusing on a single subject that is thought by a subject specialist, instead of racing through multiple topics per training.


More Hand-on

Students can benefit from practical field experience if they are instructed by experienced professionals who can apply real-world examples. 

Our Training Solution


Cybersecurity Awareness Training

We provide a Security Awareness Program to all sorts of institutions, including schools, hospitals, and small, medium, and big businesses, to assist them train their employees to deal with the plague of ransomware and phishing attacks.

The Mastering Program

We created the mastery program to assist organizations in developing a workforce capable of addressing their cybersecurity demands and to address the issues we identified with standard security training programs. We provide students with the chance to go from zero to expert in a specific topic in a short amount of time.

After-Training Mentoring

After completing a training program, many training institutes leave students on their own. At Intellfence, we have an after-training program that is meant to assist and coach our students after the formal training is over.

This online-based program, led by our instructors, allows students to engage with the instructors and fellow students beyond the formal training for further mentorship.

The after-class program is divided into two parts:

  1. Exam preparation with the instructor, and together with other students to prepare for their examinations.
  2. Assist students in translating their training knowledge into practical skills and increasing their productivity at work.

Hands-on Practical Training

All of our security information training is hands-on. This is accomplished by concentrating on a real-world business case that is used in the training program and in which all students may participate and learn.

Training by Experience Instructor

All our instructors are professionals with years of experience in information security. In most cases they are still working in the field but spend few days a month to deliver security training.

As a result, you might sometimes have multiple instructors teaching one course because we want to ensure students gets the full benefit of the classes by using multiple instructors, each teaching their own expertise.

Pre-Enrolment Evaluation

The pre-enrollment evaluation form is an excellent tool for determining what the student currently understands and where they need to focus more attention. This reduces redundancy and waste of time and effort. We can assist the student in deciding which training modules to pursue based on the results of the online pre-evaluation. The student then focuses on the knowledge areas in which they choose to specialize.


Our Partners