Advanced Cybersecurity Training and Effective Hands-On Support


Specialized Security Training Development For Professionals

We develop and use custom cyber security training that goes beyond the standard security training certification programs.  They are designed to meet the needs of cybersecurity professionals and can be used for both classrooms, and remote learning.


Classroom Security Training & E-learning For Users

Our Cyber Security Training Kits for users are designed to help any organisation teach users about Cybersecurity and Internet safety. These are also available in the form of E-Learning.



Security Awareness Development

We offer training and mentoring to help organizations develop effective security training and awareness program.




Cyber Security Defender

Accelerated Courses

This set of training is designed to educate your staff with the information and skills they need to identify, track, contain, and destroy harmful activity in your organization’s networks.

How The Accelerated program works

This program goes above and beyond theory. It is based on case studies of real-life incidents. Students receive practical experience protecting against cyber security risks as well as hands-on experience with real-world scenarios. And we guarantee that our instructors are among the finest in their fields — they have years of experience working for Fortune 500 firms. Government agencies, banks, and cybersecurity firms all around the world.

The Cyber Security Defender main Course Content

Ransomware Resilience and Incident Response

Ransomware is a huge threat to organisations today. Last year over $6.5 billion ransom was paid to Ransomware gangs all over the world. Everyone could be a victim. Individuals, companies, and government organisations, small and large have been victims of Ransomware. The question is will you be the next victim? How well do you understand Ransomware and be prepared for it? This training provide core understanding of your response to ransomaare for your organisation.


Cyber Threat Intelligence

The process of gathering, processing, and evaluating the information on adversaries in cyberspace is referred to as cyber threat intelligence.

Cyber Threat intelligence provide answers to questions like who our adversaries are? How are they going after us? What techniques, tactics, and information do they possess? How could they infiltrate our network?

Threat Threat Hunting

Cyber Threat hunting is based on the concept of “Assumed Breach “. It helps businesses answer questions like: How do we know when we’ve been breached? What is the evidence we have for this?  And how do we use this information to improve our security?”


The mastery program helps your organization develop a workforce capable of achieving its cybersecurity goals.

We provide the students with training that takes them from zero to expert in a specific topic within the shortest amount of time.

The Mastery program combines several in-depth training to provide significant value to both students and their businesses.


What You Get With The Mastery Program

The Master Classes are the main part of the Mastering program. Each program is based on a specific information security domain.  They are designed to concentrate on the skills and tools participants need to master the subject domain.